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News European Regional Coordination for the fifth World Water Forum

In March 2009 the fifth World Water Forum will take place in Istanbul. Over the last 12 years, the World Water Fora have grown to be major events, connecting all stakeholders on water. In 2009, around 15000 people are expected to attend again, combining politicians, businesses and NGO’s to find solutions to attain sustainable water use under the overarching theme “Bridging divides for Water”.

The programme of the Forum has been divided in six main themes - which are listed on the website of the Forum at – as well as a political process, which includes sessions on “Climate Change”, “Sanitation” and “Local Finance”. The programme is designed to culminate in a clear set of recommendations and commitments for action.

To prepare for this Forum a thematic as well as a regional process is set up and thematic and regional coordinators have been selected. The thematic coordinators will form consortia to develop their respective theme, topics and sessions. Seeing that issues differ across regions, the regional coordinators will develop these themes in their regional context and provide region-specific input into the Forum.

The organisational committee of the Forum has asked the European Water Partnership (EWP) to be the regional coordinator for Europe. We will take up this role to achieve the best representation possible of European issues and solutions and make sure all stakeholders will be represented, working especially to make sure European business and politicians are represented as well. The process will build on existing initiatives and results from the previous Forum in Mexico.

Next February the thematic and regional processes will start in earnest and we would like to ask you to participate in this process. The EWP will work to form an inclusive European consortium to prepare the thematic input, which will meet for the first time in February. If you are interested in participating in this consortium, please indicate so by sending an email to

Apart from taking part in the preparation of the European input there is also the chance
of organising a session during the World Water Forum. In the attachment you will find a
list of the 25 topics which are currently selected.

Per topic 3-4 sessions will be held. During the next meeting of the thematic and
regional coordinators, early February, these topics will be further defined and a call for
proposals for sessions will be prepared. The EWP would be very interested to hear your
ideas for sessions so we will be able to forward these ideas at this meeting.

Contact information Harro Riedstra, EWP, Project Manager (email:
Phone: +32 2 735 0681
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