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News Concept Paper: "Water Neutrality"

This is a Concept Paper on “Water Neutrality” that was produced by a small group of water colleagues from NGO, academic and business backgrounds.  It was sparked-off by a common interest in investigating whether neutrality can be (or become) a meaningful tool that helps water stakeholders in their efforts to achieve and promote good stewardship of this critical resource.

Although much of the recent media interest has been about companies stating a wish to become water neutral, we see this as a concept that could equally apply to individuals or countries, to cities or companies, and from local to global levels.

At this early stage in thinking about water neutrality, we would like to ask for your views and input on:

  1. the concept as outlined in the paper
  2. technical or conceptual issues that have been missed (or to strengthen)
  3. literature, or projects, that would provide relevant experience that could be used in further development of the concept
  4. your interest – personal or organizational – to take part in further discussions around this topic.

Pls could I ask you to reply to:  and/or to any of the authors of the paper if you prefer.

Richard, Director (interim), WWF Freshwater on behalf of Winnie Gerbens-Leenes, Arjen Hoekstra, Greg Koch, Jack Moss, Pancho Ndebele, Stuart Orr, Mariska Ronteltap, and Eric de Ruyter van Stevenink) 

Contact information Richard, Director (interim), WWF Freshwater (email:
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Source of information WWF Freshwater
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News date 27/11/2007
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