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News LIFE project ‘Optimizagua’: Saving water with more efficient irrigation systems

This recently closed LIFE project ‘Optimizagua’ (LIFE03 ENV/E/000164) combined traditional methodologies and modern technologies to reduce water consumption through irrigation by up to 60%.

The project used innovative technologies including programmable automatic machines, data communication and transmission devices using GPRS and sensors for detecting the moisture in the soil. These were combined with a set of traditional systems for the collection and storage of rainwater.

The system is able to calculate the precise water requirements for a particular piece of land taking into account the specific composition and drainage conditions of the soil, the needs of the particular crops, the existing levels of water reserves, the time of year and even the weather. It then regulates the irrigation system according to the identified needs.

The system is programmed to use rainwater wherever possible and only to access the general water supply when no such water is available. It is also able to rapidly detect leaks to prevent water loss.

This EC Life-Environment programme on water savings on parks, private gardens and irrigation with a strong urban component lead by Fundacion San Valero with Zaragoza Municipality as a partner and promoter. They have made some interesting pilot projects in parks and gardens. They say that the reduction of water consumption in the municipal public parks using the conclusions of Optimizagua is about 60%. The programe finished Sep 2006.

Contact information César Romero, Nieves Zubalez & San Valero Foundation: C/Violeta Parra, 9, 50015 - Zaragoza (SPAIN) (email:
Phone: +34 976466599 Ext.: 105
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News date 30/10/2007
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