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News Planning for the future of Spain's southern coastal waters

The waters off the coast of Andalusia and Murcia in Spain are rich in marine habitats and life, including endangered turtles and cetaceans. However, conservation efforts in the area were previously uncoordinated, involving different stakeholders with varying interests. Interest groups in the area also needed to extend their experience and knowledge of conservation issues. The development of coordinated conservation strategies was the main objective of a 2002 LIFE project, “Conservation of cetaceans and turtles in Andalusia and Murcia” (LIFE02 NAT/E/008610).
Representatives of the “Conservation of cetaceans and turtles in Andalusia and Murcia” preparing for a port visit (picture: Astrale). The beneficiary, the Spanish Cetacean Society, had previously identified several potential marine Natura 2000 sites along the southern coast of Spain. Through the project, the Society aimed to do two things: build consensus on management plans for these sites; and take practical steps to reduce pollution and by-catch from local fishing activities.

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