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News Call for selection of national NGO partners for the SMAP III MAP/METAP project: promoting awareness and enabling a policy framework for environment and development integration in the mediterranean with focus on integrated coastal zone management

NGOs from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, the Palestinian Authority (West Bank and Gaza)[1], Lebanon, Syria and Turkey are invited to apply.

The Basic budget available is 4,000 Euro per NGO

Applications are to be sent by the 25th July 2006, at the latest.



Background Information


Promoting Awareness and Enabling a Policy Framework for Environment and Development Integration in the Mediterranean with Focus on ICZM is a SMAP III project implemented by METAP, PAP/RAC and BP/RAC of UNEP/MAP. The project was created with the objective to ensure the proper allocation of resources and the sustainable implementation of SMAP III through an improved and strengthened collaboration among the EC funded SMAP programme, UNEP/MAP and the World Bank.

The project will be implemented during the period 2006 – 2008 in 10 MEDA countries.


It is believed that the newly launched SMAP III ICZM programme may initiate momentum for policy reform and institution building for a long-term sustainability of the coastal development. One of the tasks of this project is to ensure that the strategies and policies developed by SMAP III projects would be considered by the decision-makers for a sustainable use of their coastal assets and resources.


This call is related to the following project objective: “to promote awareness of the value and state of the coasts, and to provide support to the countries in strengthening and modifying the existing national-level enabling environment, including policy and legislation”.


An Awareness Raising Campaign (ARC) will be organised in order to effectively raise awareness on the importance of the coast, as well as on the use of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) as the optimal policy framework for achieving sustainable development in coastal areas.


In the Mediterranean the understanding of the value of the coast has reached a critical point, so that it can be expected that the idea of dedicating a special day to the coast will be beneficial. Therefore, one of the key events of the ARC is launching a Coast Day event.

The main objective of the Coast Day would be to promote the common vision of the coast, its importance and management options. The event is going to be organised in the countries of the project, but the idea will be promoted among the PAP/RAC, METAP and SMAP international network of institutions and organisations working on ICZM. The idea of the Coast Day will be launched and organised for the first time within the SMAP III project. However, our intention is to push for the Coast Day world-wide.


During the campaign, a special emphasis will be given to the media, especially TV, since it is considered to be the most powerful awareness-raising tool. The possibility of a video clip and a documentary production is going to be examined.



Job description


In each of the ten project countries one NGO will be selected with the main objective to implement the Awareness Raising Campaign – the Coast Day event.

Also, according to its experiences and needs, the selected NGOs will be trained to get the necessary skills for implementing the campaign and organising the Coast Day event.


The selected NGOs will participate in all phases of the project, as they will be consulted in preparation of Policy Briefs, Awareness Raising Strategy and National Action Plans for implementing the Strategy. Also, they will be invited to participate in workshops and stakeholder meetings, as well as in the work of the National ICZM Forum.


The NGO partner will conduct an opinion poll to identify awareness levels on the most important coastal issues, as well as on the SMAP initiatives. The findings will be evaluated, compared with those of experts and the government and disseminated. The findings of the opinion poll will also help to select the key issues in each country that are going to be a theme of the first Coast Day event.


The basic budget available is 4,000 Euro per NGO. Additional funds may be available in 2007.



Necessary qualifications


NGOs from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, the Palestinian Authority (the West Bank and Gaza)[2], Lebanon, Syria and Turkey are invited to apply on this call. They should have the experience in coastal management and awareness promotion. Still, the advantage will be given to SMAP partner NGOs.


A letter of intent, in English or French, together with a brief description of your organisation, should be sent to: till 25th July 2006, at the latest.


For more information, please, contact Ms. Marina Radic on e-mail or telephone number +385 21 340494.

[1] The activities within the Palestinian Authority may be delayed.

[2] The activities within the Palestinian Authority may be delayed.

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