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News 14th International Conference ”Europe-INBO 2016” Lourdes - France - 19 - 22 October 2016

14th International Conference "EUROPE-INBO 2016" for the implementation of European Directives on water, will be held in Lourdes France from 19 to 22 October 2016.

Participants will be from different European countries, representatives of national administrations and basin organizations as well as of NGOs, companies, international and regional organizations.

Established within INBO in 2003 in Valencia, Spain, the "EUROPE-INBO" Group of European Basin Organizations for the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD – 2000/60/EC) aims at enriching the implementation of water policies in Europe, especially the Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) with its practical field experience to support the Candidate Countries and disseminate the principles and tools of European water-related Directives, especially to EU neighbouring partner countries in the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia and the Mediterranean. As part of INBO, the Central and Eastern European Network of Basin Organizations (CEENBO), the Mediterranean Network of Basin Organizations (MENBO), and the new Network of Basin Organizations of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA - NBO), facilitate, in their respective regions, the exchanges of experience and discussions on basin management in an enlarged European context.

The top topics of EuroInbo 2016 will be:

  • Workshop on” Circular Economy and Wastewater Reuse”.
  • Workshop SAID project: Smart water management
  • Presentation of the French Water Governance.
  • Objectives of the 2016 Budapest Water Summit
  • Preparation of COP22 and follow-up of the” Paris Pact” on Water
  • Approval of the Lourdes Declaration

More details in the Agenda attached 

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