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Event International Conference “Closed cycles and the Circular Society 2023: The power of ecological engineering”

The International Conference “Closed cycles and the Circular Society 2023: The power of ecological engineering” of the International Ecological Engineering Society (IEES) will be held between October 1st – 5th, 2023 in Platanias – Chania on the island of Crete, Greece with physical presence and is organised by the Technical University of Crete.

Conference Topics


Use of ecological elements and ecosystems to reduce pollution

  • Phytoremediation
  • Natural treatment systems
  • Constructed wetlands 
  • Sustainable water and wastewater treatment
  • Ecological sanitation
  • Stormwater and groundwater management 
  • Sustainable groundwater remediation 
  • Soil bioremediation

Use of ecosystems in a circular society

  • Nature-based solutions: e.g., green roofs, green walls, rain gardens, green facades, vertical gardens, bioretention systems, rainwater harvesting, urban forests, swales, soakways, green/blue corridors, drain ways, participatory watershed management, coastal mangrove restoration, etc.)
  • Water-energy-food nexus in circular economy
  • Urban agriculture and horticulture
  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Urban heat island mitigation strategies
  • Improving mental health and well-being in urban areas
  • Green and smart buildings
  • Sustainable drainage systems
  • Infiltration in urban areas
  • Urban ecology

Circular design and integrated planning approaches for increased resiliency

  • Biomimicry and biophilic design 
  • Role of architects, planners, and engineers in circular design 
  • Circular and smart cities for urban sustainability
  • Eco-villages
  • Design for ecosystem services
  • Urban metabolism
  • Urban strategies in ecological landscape architecture 
  • Regenerative urbanism
  • Urban and regional environmental planning
  • Green-blue infrastructure
  • Circular built environment
  • Ecosystem modelling

Resource recovery and reuse

  • Water reuse, recycling, and reclamation 
  • Nutrient and material recovery 
  • Protection and reclamation of soils
  • Sustainable transformation of renewable bioresources
  • Composting systems and smart fertilizers
  • Bio-based products, materials, biofuels 
  • Biochar/hydrochar-based materials
  • Ecological solutions for industrial symbiosis

Climate change, green and just transition, and carbon neutrality: the role of ecological engineers

  • From the Green Deal to the Real Deal
  • Energy-saving technologies
  • Eco-engineering for energy efficiency
  • Bioenergy, biomass to fuel
  • Microbial fuel cells 
  • Bio-sequestration, soil-carbon sequestration 
  • Industrial ecology
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Life-cycle assessment 
  • Social life cycle and impact assessment
  • Stakeholders’ engagement and citizen participation
  • Capacity building and living labs
  • Environmentally-focused social innovation

Regenerative agriculture

  • Circular bioeconomy
  • Integrated pest and disease management
  • Natural soil cultivation (worms, dung beetles)
  • Sustainable forest management 
  • Recirculating algae production system
  • Livestock management
  • Biorefineries
  • Aquaculture and aquaponics
  • Agricultural and food engineering

Ecological Engineering and the mining industry

  • Mine land restoration 
  • Sustainable management of mine drainage 
  • Erosion processes, soil stabilization and management
  • Plant-soil-water interaction 
  • Plant growth and nutrition
  • Geomorphology of reclaimed land

Ecological Engineering Education

  • Ecological engineering curriculum
  • Interdisciplinary education
  • Systems thinking and analysis
  • Circularity in education
  • Nature-based learning
  • Knowledge integration
  • International exchange of credits
  • Accreditation

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