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Event 3emes-rencontres-nationales-de-la-recherche-sur-les-sites-et-sols-pollues Item only translated in French
Event colloque-international-sicmed Item only translated in French
Event journees-nationale-swot Item only translated in French
Event le-droit-l-eau-s-invite-au-fmdh Item only translated in French
Event 12th International Conference "EUROPE-INBO 2014" on the implementation of the Water Framework Directive
Event 2014 Conference on Big Data From Space (BiDS'14)
Event 2nd European Resources Forum (ERF 2014) & the National Resources Forum
Event 2nd Mediterranean Water Forum 2014
Event 3rd pan-EU Drought Dialogue Forum of the FP7 DROUGHT-R&SPI project & the Water Framework Directive SCG members meeting
Event 4th Meeting of OECD Water Governance Initiative
Event EIP Water Conference 2014
Event European Utility Week 2014 - Smart Water track
Event Franco Jordanian Forum on Water Sustainability / Forum Franco-Jordanien sur l'eau
Event IWRM Karlsruhe 2014
Event International Conference "EUROPE-INBO 2014" on the implementation of the EU Water Directives- Bucharest, Romania - 12-15 november 2014
Event International Conference on Sustainable Development in the Jordan Valley
Event International Scientific Symposium of Water Management and Desertification
Event International Symposium on "Water Pollution and Environmental Impacts in the Mediterranean Basin"
Event Irrigation Seminar 2014 – Modernization: Solutions adopted and Guidelines for Rural Development Program 2014-2020
Event MEWINA project: Regional Consultation workshop on 2012 Baseline SOW Reports in NA (North Africa)
Event The 1st International Conference on Materials for Energy & Environmental Engineering (ICM3E’14) // La 1ère Conférence internationale sur les matériaux pour l'énergie et Génie de l'environnement (ICM3E'14)
Event Workshop on Water Mnagement and Knowledge Sharing UNEP-GEMS/Water and Eye on Water Security / R-KNOW: Water Management and Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment in the Arab Region
Event Workshop: Energetic cost of irrigation
Event World Sustainable Energy Forum - EnerSol WSEF Tunisia 2014 - ENERSOL WSEF 2014
Event WssTP annual Brokerage and WssTP Working Groups
5th Mediterranean Water Forum