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Event 1st DARECLIMED Workshop

DARECLIMED project organizes its first workshop in Athens on the 14th of July 2011. The objectives of this workshop are the two following:

i.     Identification and brief description of international data repositories comprising information on climate and the water as well as the energy sectors of countries in the Eastern Mediterranean

ii.    Procedural and administrative processes employed in accessing and utilizing national data holdings in the framework of international data repositories; this also aims at specifying "best practices" with regard to data exchange and data sharing initiatives.

The purpose of DARECLIMED is to create the appropriate environment for the formation of a regional data infrastructure devoted to paleo-, current- and future climate, energy and water related data. Major goals and objectives are:

I.    To improve  the availability of data relevant to climate change assessments for the Eastern Mediterranean region and the Middle East, aiming for standards comparable to those of Western Europe, thereby achieving a more balanced territorial development
II.    To identify and engage stakeholders in the region that have access to, own or have collected relevant data
III.    To define conditions under which data can be shared while protecting the rights and interests of all stakeholders
IV.    To develop broadly accepted quality control standards and procedures for all data types 
V.    To agree on minimal information, harmonization procedures and common representations of the data, so as to make them interoperable
VI.    To develop a framework and capacity for comparison and integration of climate projections for the region derived from multiple datasets and models
VII.    To support the build-up and integration of a regional infrastructure for climate research, with an emphasis on computing resources, through networking and prospective activities that will also facilitate the incubation of future collaborative climate research 
VIII.    To assess the current use of computer resources by the regional climate community
IX.    To promote sharing of RCM models and RCM simulation results (including the creation of adequate repositories), in order to advance the optimal use of computational resources and enable the emergence of a broadly accepted scientific consensus on regional climate modeling and resulting climate projections.



Introduction (Manfred Lange) 3.53 MB
Current status & progress (Christina Oikonomou) 933.86 KB
Data sharing mechanisms (Christos Zerefos) 1.28 MB
Data recovery in the Middle East (Pinhas Alpert & Yatagai) 2.68 MB
MEDARE (Constanta Boroneant) 888.26 KB
GEOSS (Eleni Christia) 1.94 MB
EMWIS (Jauad El Khaarraz) 1.67 MB
GCOS (Stefan Rosner) 2.31 MB
Minutes of the workshop (Manfred Lange & Christina Oikonomou) 421.77 KB

Contact information Christina Oikonomou, Energy, Environment and Water Research Center (EEWRC) The Cyprus Institute (CyI) Guy Ourisson Building; Athalassa Campus (email: )
Phone: +357 22 208 632 ; Fax: +357 22 208 635
Event type Seminar
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File link copy AGENDA_Athens 1st DARECLIMED workshop.pdf (PDF, 395 Kb)
Source DARECLIMED project
Geographical coverage Greece,
Address Athens: at the ground floor room ΙΣ2 of the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens ( (Adrress: 4 Soranou Ephessiou Str., Athens)
Organizer DARECLIMED project: The Cyprus Institute (CyI) and Biomedical Research Foundation, Academy of Athens, Atmospheric Environment Division (BRF-AA)
Target audience Regional
Period 14/07/2011
Status Confirmed
Working language(s) ENGLISH