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Event WWF-5 Working Group on Water, Health and Climate

The impacts of climate upon water are manifold. They include geopolitical issues related with equity, security, funding and the achievement of the MDGs. Climate also impacts specifically on water resources and ecosystems, urban and rural water supplies, food security, hydropower, coastal zones, hygiene and sanitation. The WWF-5 has decided to make Water and Climate the key theme for the political process
and one of three key themes for the thematic process. The envisaged outcomes of the political and thematic process are a synthesis report addressing:

  1. the geo political issues and ways forward
  2. a Framework for Action on water issues per water sector

To start the political and thematic process a consultation with senior sector professionals will be held at UNESCO-IHE in Delft, Netherlands on 17 and 18 December next. The expected outcomes of the consultation are:

  • consensus about the major geopolitical climate issues for water; more specifically consensus over the climate issues affecting water resources and water services in particular
  • Terms of Reference to prepare a position document on water issues including sectoral action agenda’s as input to a synthesis document on Water and Climate
  • Commitment to lead the working groups and identification of members with wide representation for the working groups.
  • Road Map to prepare the documents by June 2008.

Contact information Henk van Schaik, Programme Co-ordinator: Co-operative Programme on Water and Climate (email:
Event type Seminar
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Source Co-operative Programme on Water and Climate
Geographical coverage Netherlands
Address at UNESCO-IHE in Delft, Netherlands
Organizer Co-operative Programme on Water and Climate
Target audience International
Period [17/12/2007 - 18/12/2007]
Status Confirmed
Working language(s) ENGLISH