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Event Urban Remote Sensing Joint Event 2007

Following the successful event in 2005, held in Tempe (AZ) and hosted by the Arizona State University, the two most important workshops about Urban Remote Sensing, URBAN and URS, are jointly organized in 2007 also, and held in Paris, France. The joint event will last three days, and will feature technical oral and interactive sessions as well as invited presentations. URBAN and URS will provide two well connected parallel tracks, but plenary presentations and common discussion panels will be also organized.

Urban Remote Sensing is a growing research field, and many applications which were once impossible are now well established or at least promising procedures. This is due to the increasingly finer resolution of available sensors (both in the spatial and the spectral domain), but also to the extensive records of data exploitable for temporal analyses. URBAN and URS have been always recognized as the premiere place where researchers, in both academia and industry, share their innovative results and discuss future lines of work.

The focus of this workshop is in applying to remotely sensed data suitable algorithms and approaches to extract information useful for applications. In order to increase the connection of the community attending this joint event with the data providers' community and the users' community, two panels will be organized during the joint event. The first one will discuss requirements for data exploitation by data providers to URBAN and URS researchers, also in light of future missions and data sets. The second panel will promote a better awareness by the attendees of the requirements of final user applications, in a global perspective.

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Event type Conference
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Source École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, Département TSI Signal-Images
Geographical coverage France
Address Paris
Organizer the Telecommunications & Remote Sensing Lab, Department of Electronics -University of Pavia
Target audience International
Duration 3 days
Period [11/04/2007 - 13/04/2007]
Status Confirmed
Working language(s) ENGLISH , FRENCH