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Event MWWD Conferences on Marine Waste Water Discharges and Coastal Environment

The event will cover all aspects of the outfall and sealine technology and of the protection of the coastal environment.
The following itemization is only indicative and is open to suggestions and contributions.
• Legislation and directives on discharges from land- or sea-based sources
• Environmental aspects and problems related to the waste water discharge in coastal water bodies – biological, sedimentological, hygienic
• Planning of sanitation and treatment systems in coastal areas
• Scientific aspects of the discharges: hydraulics, modelling and monitoring
• Engineering aspects of the design and construction of WWTP-outfall systems and of sealines
• Updates on techniques, equipment and services for design, construction and operation of discharge systems
• Practical aspects of operation, maintenance, inspection and monitoring of outfalls and waste water discharges in general
• Problems and experiences of management of WWTP-outfall systems
• General problems related to the coastal environment
Particular attention will be given to all subjects related to the temporary and permanent effect of diffused and point discharges on marine life and bottom sediments.

Contact information MWWD
Event type Conference
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Source MWWD
Geographical coverage Turkey
Address Antalya, Turkey.
Target audience International
Duration 1 week
Period [06/11/2006 - 10/11/2006]
Status Confirmed
Working language(s) ENGLISH