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PDF Definition of geographical references for MPC countries

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Upload date 09 Aug 2011
Contributor Eric MINO
Keywords data exchange, data bank, data gathering
Release date 17/11/2009
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Final draft

Version October 2009

The definition of a common set of geographical references for MPC countries should provide a starting point to begin building a shared water information infrastructure in the region.

In the past, the absence of a common perspective and the lack of a shared proposal on how to structure and organize water information has made impossible for MPC countries to compile a group of water-related datasets that could be easily shared, compared and summarized for the region.

This new specification should facilitate countries' efforts of building national water information systems. It shall provide a reference data model and guidelines to ensure those systems are based in a comprehensive, well organized and standardized data structure. More over, the model proposed will make from the start those systems compatible and aligned with INSPIRE and WISE guidelines enabling an easier technical and semantically integration and facilitating the collaboration with the institutions that are behind those efforts.