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Folder SWIM Launching Workshop, 7 December 2011

Launching Workshop and First Steering Committee Meeting of the SWIM-SM project

Sustainable Water Integrated Management (SWIM) is a Regional Technical Assistance Programme launched by the European Commission to contribute to the extensive dissemination and effective implementation of sustainable water management policies and practices in the Southern Mediterranean Region.

This is in the context of increasing water scarcity, combined pressures on water resources from a wide range of users, desertification processes and in connection with climate change.

The Programme, with a total budget of approximately € 22 million, is implemented under the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI), following the Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conferences on Environment (Cairo, 2006) and Water (Dead Sea, 2008) and carries forward the results achieved by two earlier EC regional programmes, SMAP (I, II and III) and MEDA Water.

SWIM consists of two major Components, which are inter-related and complement each other:
  A Support Mechanism funded with a budget of € 6.7 million and
  Demonstration Projects funded with a budget of € 15 million

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