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The Mediterranean Component of the EU Water Initiative (MED EUWI) aims:

  •  to assist design of better, demand driven and result oriented programmes,
  •  to facilitate better coordination of water programmes and projects, aiming at a more effective use of existing funds, and the mobilization of new financial resources, where this is required, based on an analysis of gaps, and,
  • to enhance cooperation for the proper implementation of these programmes and projects, based on peer review and strategic assessment.

The 2004-2006 Activity Plan of the Mediterranean Component of the EU Water Initiative (MED-EUWI) formulates a set of inter-related actions, defined by: specific targets, expected results and monitoring frameworks and timeframes, and designed to generate the momentum for fulfilling the stated objectives.

It contains eight (1-8) Programmatic Objectives that are divided to three Thematic objectives (1-3) and five Horizontal objectives (4-8). The Programmatic Objectives are:


Objective 1 Initiate programme on water supply and sanitation, with emphasis on the poorest parts of the society
Objective 2 Initiate programme to support national and transboundary IWRM plans
Objective 3 Initiate programme to support sustainable water use in agriculture and its integrated management for sensitive water ecosystems


Objective 4 Strengthen underlying institutions and build capacity
Objective 5

Improve coordination between the actors involved in water resources management at the country level

Objective 6 Enhance funding for the supply, management and development of water resources, and sanitation
Objective 7 Improve the use of existing and new scientific knowledge to achieve water-related MDGs
Objective 8 Promote education on water issues

The MED EUWI Work Programme 2006 includes activities that serve the MED EUWI Objectives.

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