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Financing instruments for the MED component of the EU Water Initiative

The EUWI aims at improved coordination and effective streamlining of donor assistance. The EC does not foresee a new financial instrument for this purpose, but rather the better coordination of existing ones. For the Med components, the main EU instruments are:

Complementary funding can also be provided by EU Member States and national or international financial institutions (World Bank, Arab Development Bank, African Development Bank, UN agencies, etc.). A statistical overview of aid to the Mediterranean water sector has been published by the OECD Environment Directorate for 10th multi-stakeholder meeting (Brussels, 2004-03-16).

Today, the financial resources needed to support the administrative costs entailed by the Initiative are jointly provided by the European Commission and EU Member States (chair or co-chair of components or working groups). Members of the Multi-stakeholder Forums are auto finance their participation and contributions to the development of this Initiative.

In recognition of the central role financing plays in implementing the emerging joint action programmes, a separate Finance Component (led by the UK)  is under development.


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