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Main Steps involving the Med component of the EU Water Initiative (Med-EUWI)

  • 5th MWG, MED-EUWI     Athens (GR), 2005-06-22                        
  • 3rd Med-MSHF, MED-EUWI  Brussels (BE), 2004-03-17                     
  • Launch EUWI    Johannesburg (SA),  September 2002 

Other major meetings involving the Med component of the EU Water Initiative (Med-EUWI)
  • Beirut Water Week    Beirut (LB), 2005-11-14/15
  • International workshops on Mediterranean Pilot River Bassins (PRB), Brindisi (IT), 2004-09-22/24

Folder 1st Working Group meeting, Brussels 2003-02-17
Folder 2nd Working Group meeting, Brussels 2003-06-20
Folder 3rd Working Group meeting, Brussels 2004-03-17
Folder 4th Working Group meeting, Brussels 2005-01-17
Folder 5th Working Group meeting, Athens 2005-06-22
Folder Country dialogue on Water in Lebanon-Beirut, 2005-11-16
Folder International workshops on Mediterranean Dimension of Pilot River Basins, Brindisi 2004-09-22/24
5th Mediterranean Water Forum