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Autonomous desalination system concepts for sea water and brackish water in rural areas with renewable energies – Potentials, Technologies, Field Experience, Socio-technical and Socio-economic impacts

Starting date: 2003/08/01 - Duration (months): 48

This proposal aims at investigating the concept of fresh water supply in rural areas, using salt water (sea water and brackish water). The project focuses on units powered by autonomous, renewable energy supply systems with fresh water output in the range of 100 l/day to 10 m3/day. The aim is not to develop new desalination technologies, but to adapt existing concepts from various suppliers for use with renewable energies. The project evaluates the potential and the optimum solution for areas and countries involved, taking into account the technical, economic, environmental, organisational, socio-technical and socio-economic aspects. This integrated, multidisciplinary and trans-border approach to problem-solving will contribute to the improvement of the sustainability of water management projects.


Partners Countries Contacts
AUA - Agriculture University of Athens – Socio-Economic Department (Project coordinator) - web GR Mr. Petros Soldatos
ISE - Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme - web DE Ms. Ulrike Seibert
Ms. Gisela Vogt
EWE - Egyptian Energy and Water Association EG contact
JUST - Department of Chemical Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technology JO contact
FM21 - Fondation Marrakech 21 MA Dr. Aboufirass
Dr. Mokhlisse
ITU - Istanbul Technical University - web TR Prof. Dr. Seval SÖZEN
NCSR - National Center for Scientific Research, DEMOKRITOS GR contact
ITC - Techological Institute of the Canary Islands ES contact
MEDRC - The Middle East Desalination Research Center OM contact

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