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HTML Document Synergy between objectives & priority field of action

Synergy between objectives & priority field of action (Water) - Implementation actions

Released 06/04/2006

Four main objectives Essential issue: Water
Economic development: Enhance Mediterranean assets Increase agricultural added value of cubic meter of water 
Reduce social disparities Halve the population (2015/1990) without access to safe drinking water and sanitation
Change unsustaiable production and consumption patterns: Stabilize water demand (reduce losses and wasteful use),
Ensure the sustainable management of natura resources Protect water resources (quantity and quality), Prevent natural risks
Improve governance Water demand policies: global and sectoral targets (agriculture, urban water, industries),
Integrated water resource management, promote local participation and partnerships


1- Solidarity, Commitment and Financing

- Strengthen reciprocal commitment and financial support for MSSD goals/Med developing countries.
• Official Development Aid
• UE net public financial flows (Type 2 initiatives, Synergies EMP/ MAP)

- Systems to fund productive and innovative activities by SMEs
- Strengthen capacities of local authorities
- Reinforce territorial cohesion Financial tools

2- Human Capital and Participation

- Ensure primary education for all
- Gender equality. Eliminate gender disparities in education
- Education in sustainable development
- Increase public/private spending on research and development
- Access to information. Participatory approach.

3- National Strategies

- National and sectoral sustainable development strategies.
- Institutional frameworks for sustainable development.