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Project Flood Awareness and Prevention Policy in border areas

FLAPP stands for “Flood Awareness and Prevention Policy in border areas”. It is an EU-funded network through which local and regional flood experts from across Europe share knowledge and experience about how to prevent and forecast floods, inform people and limit the damage when floods happen. The network develops long-term practical ideas for managing rivers and streams in ways that protect the environment as well as defend Europe’s communities and economy. Focus of the network is on integrated river basin management in border areas. The project operated from January 2005 until August 2007.

FLAPP Ed EgginkVarious flood management aspects are discussed within the FLAPP network:
          a) flood prevention by structural and spatial measures;
          b) sustainable flood management, especially
               related to ecologically valuable areas;
          c) flood forecasting and calamity management;
          d) cross border cooperation to stimulate a river basin approach;
          e) communication with and involvement of the public to increase flood awareness.

Project number n/a
Acronym FLAPP
Geographical coverage Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Romania, Spain, Serbia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Netherlands, Northern-Ireland
Budget (in €) 1500000
Web site
Results The results of the network reflect practical tips and solutions to improve flood management acrossborders. These results are jointly produced by all FLAPP partners and collected in the final report. In addition a good practice book with flood management experiences of FLAPP partners is published on this website.

Final report of the FLAPP network, including recommendations, joint approach to cross border cooperation, thematic observations and a selection of good practices.
Period [01/01/2005 - 31/08/2007]