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Project Added Value Information Dissemination from hydrographical data sets

A wealth of information about the sea is stored in the databases of public hydrographic offices.

AVID will develop a prototype on-line service to provide access to this information to both general and specialised users. Data on bathymetry (depth measurement), coastal topography, sedimentology, waves, currents, tides, landmarks, buoys and beacons, lights and sea limits will be made available.

Project number n/a
Acronym AVID
Geographical coverage France
Budget (in €) 0
Programme EC-GIS
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Objectives AVID project aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of an European information service based on hydrographic data held by the public sector. AVID project takes into account all issues of the public data distribution and will :

Study user requirements (with special attention to two targeted applications : fishery and coastal management).
Define the product : supply added value information for end users by integrating different sources of hydrographic data sets.
Analyse the data value and study copyright agreements and rights clearance for best commercial practice.
Develop a prototype (pilot system) of service for information delivery including catalogues.
Perform dissemination and awareness actions to promote the server and assess its performance (cost, service to user, etc.).

The project consortium will establish a group of representative users. This group will be strongly involved in the project stages for all above actions in order to take into account technical, operational and commercial or marketing requirements.
Period [01/12/1998 - 30/06/2000]