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Project Water & Stability

Water & Stability is a three year (Dec. 2005 – 08) Dutch funded project which is a joint partnership between an (NGO) CARE Egypt supported by CARE Nederland and a Governmental department, the Strategic Research Unit (SRU) of the National Water Research Centre who would solicit the participation of a number of key Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation departments. These will partner with different water management stakeholders in four governorates/sites with different settings.

Project number n/a
Acronym Water & Stability
Geographical coverage Egypt
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Programme International Programme
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To advance social cohesion and stability (inclusion, fairness, effective use of water and protection of the environment) amongst the irrigation water users and between the users and the Government of Egypt.

Strategic objective:
Key stakeholders engaged in a participatory and mutually accountable capacity development process, to identify and pilot tailor-made water conflict management mechanism(s) that reflect the opportunities and constraints at the local, governorate and national levels.


Targeted Results
The goal and strategic objective are represented through four key results that are expected to be achieved:

1. Clear understanding of the social, economic, political, environmental and technical issues surrounding conflict over the management of water resources.
2. Relevant, evidence-based and sustainable conflict management mechanism(s) and tools.
3. Capacity development for individuals, community associations and governmental institutions in effective water conflict management.
4. Increased awareness amongst stakeholders of the inter-dependent relationship between social cohesion, stability, conflict management abilities and good water resource management.

Major Outputs
• A national situation analysis Report.
• Socio-economic and water management profile for 4 Governorates
• Detailed community analysis reports for 12 communities.
• Review Report of best practices and lessons learnt.
• Conflict Management Mechanism and Tools.
• A methodology for managing water conflict
• Research and assessment capabilities of key partners improved.
• A number of individuals trained on conflict management.
• Media reports, Quarterly newsletter, Dissemination workshops, website
• Attempting to include conflict management tools into the implementation policy of NWRP
• Exemplars of good practice to be shared through the web, newsletter and articles.

Period [31/12/2005 - 31/12/2008]


  • CARE Egypt

    CARE International in Egypt is a not-for-profit, non-sectarian development organization that has been serving individuals, communities and local associations in the poorest regions of Egypt since 1954.

    CARE provides and supports opportunities in agriculture; micro-finance and small enterprise development; basic and girls education; local water management, water and sanitation; capacity building for civil society; Rights-Based Approaches and advocacy planning; among others.

    Coordinator acts as project coordinator
    Country Egypt
    Web site
    Contact Eng. Samir Sedky,
    Position: Project Manager
    Phone/fax: +202 526 0096 / 3373, +202 525 7074

Field sites

  • Project Governorate: Aswan
    Country Egypt
    Location Aswan
  • Project Governorate: Sohag
    Country Egypt
    Location Sohag
  • Project Governorate: Fayoum
    Country Egypt
    Location Fayoum
  • Project Governorate: Kafr El-Sheikh
    Country Egypt
    Location Kafr El-Sheikh


  • Water & Stability Newsletter 1st issue, January 2007

    This is a periodical newsletter issued by "water & Stability" project. This first issue of January 2007 deals with the following issues:

    - Water Conflict Management mechanism

    - Governorate conferences

    - Staff orientation

    - Why Participatory Action Research


    Publisher Hisham Mohamed El-Shafieay, Information Dissemination Specialist
    Type of document Newsletter
    Rights Public
    File link ../PDF/WaterStabilityEng_newsletter1 (copy)
    Source of information CARE Egypt
    Keyword(s) Water Conflict Management mechanism
    Geographical coverage Egypt