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Project Sustainable use and management of alluvial plains in diked river areas

- The rivers which are the central subject of this project are mainly diked in order to ensure sufficient flood protection. The alluvial plains between the dikes grow constantly due to sedimentation which leads to the problem that the flow profile originally calculated is decreasing. This development is additionally enhanced through the natural succession of the alluvial plains. The whole process multiplies the risk, that the present dikes are not able to prevent future flood disasters.
- The authorities responsible are the water management agencies. As preventive measures, they have so far cleared alluvial plains and increased the water flow rate in riparian woods. However, these clearing activities (for example tree clearing) become more and more in contradiction to nature protection goals and existing regulations (NATURA 2000 and the respective national protection regulations). The need for integrated strategies is increasing.

Project number 2A044
Acronym SUMAD
Geographical coverage Austria, Hungary, Germany
Budget (in €) 2769000
Programme Interreg III(Espace Cadses)
Web site
Objectives - Environment protection, resource management and risk prevention
- Promoting integrated water management and prevention of floods
Period [01/10/2002 - 01/06/2006]


  • Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Protection
    Coordinator acts as project coordinator
    Country Germany
    Contact Mr. Martin Grambow,
    Position: General coordinator of the project
    Phone/fax: +49 89 9214 4347, +49 89 9214 2266

Funding sources

  • European Commission
    Source Feder
    Programme Interreg III(Espace Cadses)
    Funding rate 46