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Project Pilot River Basin Plan for Sava River

Project number n/a
Acronym Sava
Geographical coverage Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Netherlands, France
Budget (in €) 0
Programme EC Cards Regional Project 2003
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The overall objective is to enhance water management cooperation among Sava countries using an integrated water management approach as outlined in the EC Water Framework Directive (WFD) and ICPDR issue papers.

The specific objectives of this project are as follows:

  1. To support the capacities of the Sava Commission being responsible for transboundary coordination of water management activities in the Sava River Basin; 

  2. To train and strengthen personal and institutional capacities in B&H, Croatia and S&M needed for the preparation of Sava RBM Plan and implementation of WFD;

  3. To implement key principles of WFD in three pilot river basins (Kupa, Vrbas and Kolubara) aiming at identifying a harmonised methodology that can be applied in a generic style to other sub-basin of Danube river basin in general and Sava river basin in particular.

  4. To generate clear and comprehensible feed-back to ICPDR and/or UNDP/GEF project-related activities on the preparation of Sava RBM Plan;

  5. To identify the most fruitful synergy between this project and other ongoing projects relevant for the implementation of WFD in the Sava river basin (UNDP/GEF project aimed at developing Sava RBM Plan, CARDS national projects, EAR's projects in S&M; ISPA project in Slovenia, etc.) 

  6. To raise awareness and knowledge about the EU-WFD in the beneficiary countries in general and among the local water users in particular.

Period 01/10/2004