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Project Detoxification of waters for their recycling and potabilisation by solar photocatalysis in semi-arid countries

Disinfection and elimination of trace organic contaminants in household drinking water in rural areas of developing countries, without any added chemicals and with only energy from sunlight.

Project number ICA3-CT-2002-10016
Subject(s) no translation available
Geographical coverage France, Portugal, Switzerland, Morocco, Egypt, Spain
Budget (in €) 1706000
Programme INCO MED (FP5)
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Objectives - This proposal is addressed to the development and on site assessment of a fully autonomous solar reactor system to drinking water purification in semi-arid areas of the Mediterranean basin.

- The scientific and technological required developments will be based on photocatalytic generation of hydroxyl radicals and sing let oxygen species, by using sunlight, to detoxify and disinfect contaminated (at trace level) drinking water respectively.

- Detoxification system will use TiO2 supported catalyst and desinfection system will be generated by supported sensitizers photoactivated by solar light.

- Final development system is expected to have remarkable technical features as well as social, development and environmental implications in Mediterranean countries.
Period [01/01/2003 - 31/12/2005]



    - The research themes of LACE are focused on the develeopment and use of catalytic and chemical processes in the fields of Environment Protection.
    Coordinator acts as project coordinator
    Country France
    Web site
    Contact Mr. Jean-Marie HERRMANN,
    Position: Dr.
    Phone/fax: +33 4 72 49 29 95, +33 4 72 43 14 22
  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Gabes (ENIG)
    - The National School of Engineers of Gabes has been created in 1975 and delivers diplomas in Chemical, Electrical and Civil Engineering. It is located in South-Eastern Tunisia. The laboratory of « Catalysis and Environment » - Equipe de Catalyse et Environnement (URECAP 99/UR/11-20) in ENIG, which will participate in AQUACAT project, includes three professors (Drs Ammar HOUAS, Elimame ELALOUI and Mohamed KSIBI). This represents four permanent researchers and five students. The research activies are devoted to four main axes :

    1/ Treatment of aqueous effluents including photocatalys, adsorption, elimination of dyes and of phenolic compounds ;

    2/ Preparation and characterization of oxide catalysts (in particular photocatalyst oxides) ;

    3/ Valorization of agricultural by products (preparation and characterization of activated carbons from date and olive stones) and

    4/ Air treatment (desodorization, deNOx and deSOx).

    - These research activities are done in collaboration with several French universities (Lyon, Poitiers, Paris and Limoges) as well as with different Tunisian industrial firms (Groupe Chimique de Tunisie, SSBT, SOBOLUX Textile Sahel, and paper industries). The recent activities in solar photocatalysis in connection with Dr. Jean-Marie HERRMANN from LACE fully justify the participation of the ENIG team to AQUACAT project.

    Country Tunisia
    Web site
    Contact Mr. Amar HOUAS,
    Phone/fax: +216 75 39 26 00, +216 75 39 24 21
    Email: a.houas@fsg.rnu.tu
    - PROJEMA (Société Anonyme) is a “Bureau d’Etudes” founded in 1974 in Rabat, capital of Morocco. It is headed by Noureddine BENYAHIA (General Director), Menouar AYAD (Deputy Director) and Assou AIT HOUSSA (Technical Director). The main activities of PROJEMA concern (i) drink water supply and distribution ; (ii) sanitation in urban and rural areas, (iii) Civil Engineering and (iV) Environment Protection. PROJEMA is not only involved in water supply but also in socio-economical problems linked to water, to civil engineering and infrastructures with a participative approach. This fully justify its participation in the present AQUACAT project. Its activities concern all the parts of Morrocco as indicated by numerous technical reports done in the last ten years. PROJEMA will constitute an efficient agent for the dissemination of AQUACAT technologies which will result from the cooperation of the other 11 partners involved in AQUACAT project. In addition, PROJEMA belongs to the “Fédération Marocaine du Conseil et de l’Ingénierie” (FMCI). PROJEMA is also the Founder Member of FECA “Fédération des Consultats Africains” related to the BAD “Banque d’Aide au Développement”. The overall personnel of PROJEMA is constituted of 62 Employees including 20 Engineers and Experts, 19 Project Leaders and Technicians, 12 Draughstmen, Designers and Computer experts, 11 commercial and administrative Employees.
    Country Morocco
    Web site
    Contact Mr Nouredine BENYAHIA,
    Phone/fax: +212 37 65 23 25, +212 37 65 24 22
  • Photoenergy Center (PHOTEC)
    Country Egypt
    Web site
    Contact Mr. Sabry ABDEL-MOTTALEB,
    Position: PROFESSOR
    Phone/fax: +202 484 59 41, +202 634 76 83