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Project Concerted action to support the northern Mediterranean regional action programme to combat desertification

In the frame of the EC Environment and sustainable development research programme, the MEDRAP concerted action Project is one of the several new research projects funded for a 3 years period and started since the 1 January 2001.

In relation to the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, the main objective of this Concerted Action is to support the elaboration of the Regional Action Programme (RAP) to combat desertification in the Northern Mediterranean Countries (UNCCD - Annex IV: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey).

It will therefore try to establish a better link between the scientific community and the actors in the relevant areas (Authorities, Decisions makers, NGO's, civil society, represented at different territorial levels) in order to initiate, harmonize and facilitate action and strategies against land degradation/desertification.

Project number EVK2-CT-2000-20008
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Acronym MEDRAP
Geographical coverage Italy,Greece,Spain,Turkey,France,Portugal,
Budget (in €) 0
Programme FP5 EESD
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The scientific and technical support to the elaboration of the Regional Action Programme (RAP) of the Annex IV Countries (UNCCD Regional Implementation Annex for the Northern Mediterranean) is the aim of the present proposal. The scientific and technical knowledge acquired up to now by EC Research programmes as well as by National and International researches and actions on desertification, land degradation, sustainable development will be analysed together with representative stakeholders in five ad hoc Workshops. This allows the definition of the current state of the art on selected relevant topics (sustainable water and soil management, land vulnerability to desertification, socio-economic aspects and mitigation strategies), the identification of existing scientific, political and institutional gaps and the definition of strategies for RAP elaboration and implementation. A large number of stakeholders at each level were involved.

Period [01/01/2001 - 31/03/2004]