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Project Benchmark Models for the Water Framework Directive

BMW is a research project within the 5th Framework Programme and belongs to the CATCHMOD cluster.

EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) mandates Member States to develop river basin management plans for each river basin district. To achieve this the responsible authorities need proper tools to assess alternative management options.

The BMW project is coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute and the coordinator is Prof. Juha Kämäri, Finnish Environment, Institute (SYKE), Finland.

Description of Work (DoW)

Project number EVK1-CT-2001-00093
Acronym BMW
Geographical coverage Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Norway, Finland
Budget (in €) 0
Programme INCO MED (FP5)
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Objectives The objective of BMW project is to establish a set of criteria to assess the appropriateness of integrated models for the use in the implementation of WFD. Moreover, the project aims at testing and demonstrating the use of integrated models applied to selected intensively studied river basins.

River Basin Manager's Toolbox has been developed to provide information about models and other tools that are needed in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive. In different steps of the implementation, such as assessment of pressures and impacts, classification, calculating the target loads, designing the programme of measures, and economical analysis, different kind of models are needed.

To proceed appropriate use of models and reduce uncertainties as much as possible, special attention should be paid on selection of an appropriate model for a specific purpose. The RBM Toolbox will not only provide infromation of the available models, but also facilitates the user to compare model characteristics to the 'benchmark' criteria, which have been developed in order to evaluate models and their use under site-specific circumstances and problems.

The RBM Toolbox will also serve as a platform for model developers to enter information of their models, and bring this information easily available for model users. It will be the largest model catalogue spcifically designed for models, which has a potential to be used in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive.

The contents of this Toolbox has been developed by the BMW project during the years 2002-2004.


1) Criteria and guidelines for models;
2) Demonstration of applications of integrated
model system at 6 rivers basins;
3) Specification of process-descriptions between key pairs of domains;
4) Cost-effectiveness analysis of management options at 6 rivers.

Period [01/01/2002 - 31/12/2004]