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Implementation timetable

The Water Framework Directive sets out clear deadlines for each of the requirements, adding up to an ambitious overall timetable. The key milestones are listed below. 

Year Issue Reference
2000 Directive entered into force Art. 25
2003 Transposition in national legislation

Identification of River Basin Districts and Authorities

Art. 23

Art. 3

2004 Characterisation of river basin: pressures, impacts and economic analysis Art. 5
2006 Establishment of monitoring network

Start public consultation (at the latest)

Art. 8

Art. 14

2008 Present draft river basin management plan Art. 13
2009 Finalise river basin management plan including progamme of measures Art. 13 & 11
2010 Introduce pricing policies Art. 9
2012 Make operational programmes of measures Art. 11
2015 Meet environmental objectives Art. 4
2021 First management cycle ends Art. 4 & 13
2027 Second management cycle ends, final deadline for meeting objectives Art. 4 & 13

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