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Folder Validation of Water Information System for Lebanon feasibility Study, 20 June 2018
Folder Kick off meeting Water Information System feasibility Study in Lebanon, February 2018
Folder Exchange of experience workshop, October 2017 - Barcelona
Folder Training workshop on Water Information Systems, 14-16 June 2017
News Mediterranean Water Knowledge Platform: solution at MEDCOP CLIMAT, 18-19 July 2016

In the framework of the MEDCOP Climat held in Tangier (Morocco) on 18 and 19 July 2016, the "workshop Challenges of Water/Energy/Food Security Alliance face to Climate Change" was organised on Monday 18 July afternoon to come up with the best Mediterranean solution in the water sector as a recommendatio for the COP22. The Mediterranean Water Knowledge Platform together with the "Water-energy-food security nexus mainstreaming into policies and institutions in the MENA Region“ were presented and discussed. A general agreement was reached among the 70 participants to integrate the 2 solutions into a unique one. Indeed, they both tackle the governance challenge with an interdiciplinary approach, the Nexus requires data that can be provied by the Knowledge Platform and the WEF nexus can be part of the white papers to be developed as a product of the platform for decision making. Finaly, it was felt that the nexus should be renamed as Alliance to be more positive and extended to other sector, covering at least the environment and potentially health.

News The Mediterranean Water Knowledge Platform at COP21

The Mediterranean Water Knowledge Platform a solution selected by Mediterranean stakeholders for climate change adaption and mitigation, was presented and discussed on MedCOP21 area, Paris Le Bourget during the UN conference on Climat (COP21). The Mediterranean Water Knowledge Platform aims to strengthen the capacities of Mediterranean basin countries to produce valuable data on the status of water resources and their uses to  optimize planning and water management in the context of climate change.

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