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Document Potential impacts of failure of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on downstream countries

This study assesses the potential downstream impacts in the event of a flood due to failure, either structural or operational, of the Grand Ethiopian renaissance dam (GERD). The following two failure scenarios were modeled as part of this study: Dam Break (DB) and MisGuided Dam Operation (MGDO) as a result of a false flood signature. The DB scenario shows that 40% of the intensively cultivated Gezira Plain would be inundated with average water depths of more than 10 m, resulting in catastrophic loss of highly productive farmlands, livestock, inhabitants, and infrastructure. This scenario did not model damage further downstream since for this magnitude flood it will require another flood routing model given the more complex geometry downstream of the Gezira Plain. In the MGDO scenario flood flows are lower and would have no impact on the Gezira Plain but would reach the High Aswan Dam (HAD) and fill it to its maximum allowable capacity for two and a half months and it would require emergency releases for more than 5 months. The required emergency releases from the HAD are expected to create significant flooding downstream. To accommodate the potential of extra releases from the GERD during flood events the operational rules for the HAD should be modified. However, providing more flood buffer at the HAD will limit the live capacity that is currently used for securing downstream flow requirements during drought periods. One of the expected impacts of increasing the flood buffer would be a reduction of the HAD's contribution to Egypt's GDP. Based on the results of this study the operational rules for the GERD and the HAD should be evaluated and possibly modified.

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