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Folder 3rd Regional Workshop on Water and Sustainable Development in The Mediterranean: Monitoring progress and promotion of water demand management policies, Zaragoza 2007

Over a hundred participants from 14 Mediterranean countries attended the 3rd regional workshop on water and sustainable development in the Mediterranean region in Saragossa (Spain) on 19, 20 and 21 March 2007. This international event was organised by Plan Bleu under the aegis of the Mediterranean Commission for Sustainable Development. The debates focused on water demand management and highlighted the need to share successful experiences, to draw up reports on progress made in terms of water demand management in the Mediterranean countries, to analyse the policy instruments implemented, to identify the main obstacles and to formulate proposals for the integration of water demand in water, sectorial policies as well as in international cooperation policies. The conclusions include the need to improve knowledge concerning available resources, as well as present and future water needs, to contribute to setting up a Mediterranean Water Observatory, to raise the awareness of the general public on water scarcity and the need to save water, to involve local players in the steps to be taken for water demand management and to integrate climate change issues in water management strategies. The main recommendations were presented at the 7th public session of the Permanent Forum on Water and Sustainability of Expo Zaragoza 2008.

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