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Released 23/10/2013

Using Satellites for Better Water and Environment Management

A Training Session Jointly Hosted by
the World Bank and U.S. Government Agencies
Working in Remote Sensing


As part of the US Government-World Bank MOU to assist efforts in water management, USG and WB staff convened on 29 February 2012 during Sustainable Development Week. Representatives from both entities presented and discussed potential collaborative opportunities for remote sensing applications in better water and environment management.

Mary Kicza (Assistant Administrator for Satellite and Information Services, NOAA) and Julia Bucknall (Sector Manager, TWIWA, the World Bank) provided opening remarks for the day-long session comprised of 18 WB and USG presenters as well as 30 poster presenters from NASA, USGS, USDA, NOAA, the US Army Corps of Engineers and major US research institutes. Priority themes included: climate variability and change, agricultural systems, and water system planning and management.


Opening Panel

Julia Bucknall

World Bank Water Anchor

Opening Remarks

Mary Kicza


Opening Remarks

World Bank Perspectives

Claire Kfouri

World Bank MNSWA

Remote Sensing in WB MENA Projects

Nagaraja Rao Harshadeep

World Bank AFTEN

Remote Sensing in WB Africa Projects

Winston Yu

World Bank SASDA

Remote Sensing in WB South Asia Projects

Erwin De Nys

World Bank LCSEN

Remote Sensing in WB LAC Projects

US Government Ignite Presentations

Robert Tetrault & Otto Gonzalez


USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Capacity Building and Drought Analysis

Martha Anderson


Monitoring Water Use and Drought at Field to Regional Scales Using Satellite Remote Sensing

Wade Crow


Prospects for Improving Global Agricultural Drought Monitoring Using Microwave Remote Sensing

James Verdin


Detection and Monitoring of Agricultural Drought for Famine Early Warning

Jean Parcher & Prasad Thenabail


Remote Sensing of Global Croplands and their Water Use for Food Security in the 21st Century

Christa Peters-Lidard


Using the NASA Land Information System for Improved Water Management

James Verdin


A GIS Tool for Flood Inundation Mapping

Bob Kuligowski


Central American Flash Flood Guidance System (CAFFG)

Andrew Bruzewicz

US Army Corps of Engineers

A Turnkey Approach to Inundation Modeling and Mapping

Robert Adler, F. Policelli & D. Kirschbaum

NASA and UMd

Flood and Landslide Monitoring, Prediction & Mapping

Paul Seymour


GeoNetCast Americas

John Bolten


Using NASA GRACE, Satellite and Modeling for Groundwater and Water Availability

Dan Irwin, Nancy Searby & Ashutosh Limaye


The NASA SERVIR Program Providing Hydrologic Modeling and Remote Sensing Tools

Ben Zaitchik & Jose Molina

NASA and Johns Hopkins U.

Using Remote Sensing and Modeling for Adapting to Climate Change and Improved Water Management


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