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Text of laws Directive of the EP and of the Council on the protection of groundwater against pollution and deterioration

Groundwater is an important natural resource, forming a reservoir from which high-quality water is obtained for use as drinking water and in industry and agriculture. The Groundwater Directive (80/68/EEC) and the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) both contain provisions on the protection of groundwater against pollution. However, the 1980 Groundwater Directive is to be repealed in 2013, since, with two exceptions, the Water Framework Directive also covers the key requirements for the protection of groundwater. On 19 September 2003 the European Commission presented a proposal for a directive on the protection of groundwater against pollution, as called for in Article 17 of the Water Framework Directive. The proposal for a directive lays down criteria and procedures to be used in assessing the chemical status of groundwater, identifying significant and sustained upward trends and defining starting points for trend reversals and provides for measures to prevent or restrict inputs of pollutants into groundwater. Following Parliament’s first reading of 28 April 2005, the Council adopted its Common Position on 23 January 2006. Parliament did not regard that text as a suitable means of establishing a clear, effective and adequate set of rules on the protection of groundwater in Europe. At second reading, on 13 June 2006, it therefore adopted a total of 41 amendments to the Council’s Common Position. The Council informed Parliament unofficially at an early juncture and officially by means of a letter of 10 October 2006 that it could not accept all Parliament’s amendments and that a conciliation procedure would be necessary. That procedure was then formally opened on 17 October 2006. The new directive has been adopted officially by the EP on 12th December 2006, at 12h45 Strasbourg time.

Type Directive
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Official journal reference Official Journal of the European Union
Source European Parliament
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