Euro-Mediterranean Information System on know-how in the Water sector
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URL Delegation of the European Commission to Syria
URL European Neighbourhood Policy (EC)
URL GEWAMED Country Profile: Syria
URL Institutional framework and decision‐making practices for water management in Syria: Towards the development of a strategy for water pollution, prevention and control in the Barada River Basin, Greater Damascus area, March 2009, INECO
URL Ministry of Irrigation
URL Modernisation Programme for the Syrian Water Sector
URL Modernisation Programme for the Syrian Water Sector
URL National Agricultural Policy Center (NAPC), Syria
URL Project on Development of Efficient Irrigation Techniques and Extension in Syria
URL Syria: Aquastat profile
URL Syrian Arab Republic: State Planning Commission
URL Syrian Arab republic Country Report - CIHEAM
Document Syrian Water Resources between the Present and the Future
URL Syrian-German cooperation in the water sector
URL The Euro - Mediterranean Association Agreements: Options, Constraints and Opportunities for Syria
URL The Syrian National Strategy Report for Sustainable Development: For the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg, South Africa
URL Towards Improved Water Demand Management in Agriculture in the Syrian Arab Republic
URL Water Quality Management in Syria
URL Water Resources Information Center of the Syrian Ministry of Irrigation
URL Water Use Efficiency in Syrian Agriculture
URL Water pollution in the Barada River Basin, Syria (INECO)
URL Water profile of Syria: Encyclopedia of Earth
URL water pollution experienced in the Barada River Basin, Syria (ACSAD)
4th Mediterranean Water Forum


  • Syrian Environment Association 
    P.O. Box: 35216, Syria
  • Environment Protection & Sustainable Development
    P. O. Box: 33717, Damascus
  • Syrian Environment Protection Society
    Tel: +92/203119; +92/202871 (mobile)
    Fax: 5956200
    P.O.Box 420 
    Damascus, Syria

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