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Document Drought Preparedness and Mitigation in Spain

Drought Preparedness and Mitigation in the Mediterranean: Analysis of the Organizations and Institutions. Prepared by A. GARRIDO, A. IGLESIAS, L. GARROTE, M. MONEO, A. GÓMEZ, F. FLORES, F. CUBILLO, J.C. IBÁÑEZ, M. FERNÁNDEZ, A. LAPEÑA.  in the framework of the MEDROPLAN project funded by the EC MEDA- Water (Euro-Mediterranean Regional Programme for Local Water Management of the European Commission)

Published in Options Méditerranéennnes, Série B, No. 51. in 2005 (ISBN 2-85352-320-9)

Map of the organizations and institutions involved in drought – with special emphasis in urban and irrigation water supply – that work on:

(i) the collection, processing, storing and disposing of meteorological and hydrological data;

(ii) drought preparedness and mitigation; and/or

(iii) on water management. This chapter contains a description of the legal Spanish framework related to drought situations, a revision of the institutions and governing bodies involved in the drought management processes and the interactions between them. Finally, the mapping of these institutions provides a useful basis for the evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the drought management system in Spain. In order to complete the analysis there is also a description of case studies where the decision making processes are explained, and another section of interviews with stakeholders of the water management environment that are used to validate this mapping.

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